When it comes to intimate essentials, Boston has some clean spots for dirty and naughty things which make people of Boston not sexually boring. Here are the best sex shops you can find in the place which can spread sex positivity;

Good Vibrations

Trusted for decades, this retail sex shop has two stores in Boston mainly providing high-quality sex products. Not only that, the store is packed with sex information, sex health information, and non-judgmental environment for women’s pleasure. And when it comes to sexual pleasure, they’ve got all kinds of clean vibrators.

Stardust Video

Stardust Video has a friendly staff that can guide customers throughout their sex toy shopping. None of the workers in the store is intimidating, so the customers can freely express what they want and need. They also have everything from accessories, DVDs, lingerie up to intimates. The shop is newly re-launched under a new management.

Amazing Intimates

This sex shop offers a quench to the fetishes of adults and the likes. They also offer toys, gifts, funny paraphernalia, and other sexual materials. They have this so-called “smoke shop” where buyers can get a great experience shopping.

Condom World

Safe sex doesn’t have to be a boring sex, and this one is proven by Condom World as they offer unconventional rubbers for different types of people. It has limited sex toys but offers great selections of party favors and gag gifts perfect for parties and naughty surprises. The store is designed with very white walls and areas making it look very comfortable and clean.

Hubba Hubba

Another place for fetish fantasies, Hubba Hubba offers sexy things from underwear up to boots. This also has some serious sex toys like whips, nipple clamps, paddles, and gags. If you want to be a hellish rock start at the comfort of your own room, go ahead to go to this sex shop.