People always clamor for that perfect orgasm, but what they don’t know is that there is another unbelievable, next level orgasm which can be derived from sex machines that only requires you to put them on, then lay on your back while they work their magic.

Sex toys with high level of technology are all equipped with the latest wireless technology available, which would come really handy when you want to get off without putting in much work. Apart from this, you can also set the thrust level you want, rhythms and also body movements. The most innovative sex machines available are those that have the feature of hands-free and you would still be able to achieve that intense level of orgasm you want without having to fumble around with any dildo or vibrator settings.

Different reasons could arise which would make masturbation seem a little stressful. There are problems that would make you really occupied, and you would not even have time for yourself. With the new sex machines available, you do not have anything to worry about because you just need to get a comfortable place to get settled in while the machine does all the work.

Here are some of the sex machines which have come to replace the conventional dildo we all know:

  1. Hands-Free Couples Vibrator That Delivers Incredible Clitoral Stimulation
  2. Vibrating And Warming Cup That Recreates The Feel Of Oral Sex
  3. Discreet Wearable Panty Vibrator That Aims To Please
  4. LELO Hula Beads Vibrating and Rotating Ben Wa Pleasure Balls
  5. LoveBotz Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Masturbator
  6. LOVENSE Lush remote Control Bullet Vibrator For Long Distance Fun
  7. LELO Hugo Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager
  8. We-Vibe Sync Adjustable Couples Vibrator

All the sex machines mentioned above can be purchased on Amazon, or any of your retail stores near you. You should also know now that people would always go for sex machines over dildo anytime, not just because it helps them derive satisfaction because they orgasm, another reason for this is that sex machines are really easy to use. You only need to put them on yourself, lay back and enjoy has the machine would take you through some world of fantasies you never believed could actually happen. So, yes we can say that sex machines are the new dildo, and believe me when I say they are here to stay. 

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